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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Corporate World – is FILLED to BURSTING with Cowards – who WILL NOT SPEAK UP – even when their chosen profession is to TELL the World the TRUTH.

Kevin Bracken – the Victorian Trades Hall President (Australia) – had the courage to call them out – for the cowardly liars they have turned into…

It is getting harder and harder – for those who planned and coordinated the attacks – to cover up the truth around the 9/11. Clearly, sentiment has shifted. Just as clearly, the powers that created the myth, are keen to keep the myth alive – with new threats.

Unlike before, the people are no longer so easily fooled.

But I fear that they have a trump card up their sleeves. Another false flag attack – which could literally dwarf 9/11 may very well be on the way. The pieces have already been put into motion – with all the fear-mongering going on in the media. If and when that event DOES happen – it will be used as an excuse – to clamp down on all dissent.

A new fascist power – would have taken shape. This time, with a nuclear arsenal – ready to wipe the slate clean.

When you don’t have any REAL terrorists to scare the populace into submission – the government will step in and make some up for you.

Every drop of blood spilt – from 9/11 to Afghanistan, Iraq and now, Pakistan – is due to plans set in motions decades ago when a very small number of people – covertly – gained control of America’s financial institutions, political and judicial instruments – and even the supposedly “free” Press.

While the rest of the planet slept, they grew like a cancer – infecting every organ within the nation.

A cancer NEVER stops growing – until its host is dead.

Truth – is the ONLY chance the country will ever have – for a cure.

If they don’t shoot the messenger first!

Eat a poppy-seed coated DOUGHNUT – and you will lose your newborn baby to the Child “Protective” Services Department…

When you kill ONE innocent human being – they call it MURDER.
But when Government kills a hundred thousand – they call it War.

No one seems to be held accountable – for the latter.

And how do you get away with MURDER?


How did the Government get so powerful?

Alan Watts explains how T.V. was used to brainwash the population into subjection.

And while you are watching T.V. – Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates will decide whether to let you live, or die.

The Federal Reserve was DESIGNED to Destroy the U.S. Dollar – and by default, destroy the United States of America as well. And now, the Endgame is under way.

Hyperinflation is just around the corner.

But there are other plays which could happen before that. A sudden collapse in the gold prices could be triggered by a rise in interest rates – designed simply to get people out of gold – before the dollar collapse. A spook tactic, to send less sophisticated gold investors scrambling to lock in profits.

But that can only be affected temporarily.

The dollar collapse – is eminent, and just as rapidly as interest rates can rise – they can and will fall…. most likely to zero. And that will be the feather which breaks the dollar’s green back!

The book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – was for me, the first financial book – which told the truth about how the system REALLY worked. Strangely it was through Kiyosaki’s work that I initially discovered the flaw which lay at the heart of the fiat money system. And it was this flaw, which eventually led me to discover the REAL powers behind the political throne.

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