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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Ex-F.B.I. Agent Don Adams reveals a Tape Recorded Session – of the Assassination Plot – captured on November 9th, 1963 of JOSEPH ADAMS MILTEER plotting to kill the President of the United States.

The essence of this story is that the C.I.A. knew about it before it happened. They did nothing. And after it happened – they simply covered the evidence up.

If they can get away with killing a President – and blaming a patsy… for so many years…

What ELSE have they lied to you about?

Four shooters – not one. That much we know. Only three found – their mark.

UPDATE: New Interview Below

Is it just me, or don’t you think that having C.E.O.s in charge of the Federal Reserve Board – a little too incestuous?
The Fed makes the money that their companies feed off from – and THEY control the money supply…

The rest of us… just work and pay our taxes… which also go to paying off the interest that the Fed creates from fictional reserves.

Fictional Reserves – Fractional Reserves… let’s call the whole thing off!

As the United States attacked the Euro – China went in to save it.

More and more financial attacks are expected – along with war in Iran – all in a bid to delay the collapse of the U.S. dollar.

The last President who told the people he served, the Truth – had his head blown off.

President Reagan, didn’t take orders – and nearly got himself killed too.

Both cover stories – one of the assassination and the other of the attempt – are pieces of pure fiction. John F. Kennedy was shot by three different gunmen. Not one of which was Lee Harvey Oswald.

Close inspection of the Zapruder film show three shots – one to the neck and two to the head. Sound analysis shows multiple gun shots coming from various directions. Oswald’s shot – hit the pavement. He aimed too high…
Perhaps he was told to. Oswald was the best sniper in the Agency – that’s why he was hired for the job – or, at least that was what he must have believed. Wasn’t the job just to scare the President?

The cover story for Reagan’s shooting was that a nut with a gun, John Warnock Hinckley Jr. wanted to impress Jodie Foster by killing the President. The people bought that one too. The truth is, that Reagan was never meant to hold his office for very long. They wanted George H. W. Bush in his place.

But they didn’t pull that one, off. They had to wait another eight years for their second chance.

There have been no serious assassination attempts, since George H. W. Bush took office. And there likely will never be. Until another President comes along, who is brave enough to turn on his masters – and tell the people the TRUTH once again.

One thing is clear – the people who own the Federal Reserve – OWN AMERICA.
And they want to own the world too. That much is clear. If the current system of monetary creation continues, they will soon own the planet – and everyone in it. Why?

Because they make money – from nothing – and charge you interest on it. Something REAL for something IMAGINED.

Solar activity generates what is known as Solar Wind – a rush of ionized particles – normally intercepted by both the Magnetosphere and Ionoshpere of the Earth. The Earth’s Ionosphere – affects weather by affecting changes in wind patterns – the most important of which is the Jet-stream. This same pattern happened sometime 132 years ago causing a similar heat-wave in Russia and similar flooding in Pakistan.

None of these things have anything whatsoever to do with the myth of Anthropological Global Warming.

When U.S. troops start boarding – or, at least TRY to board – Iranian vessels, sometime this September, to enforce an embargo – the Iranians will be put in a position whereby they will be forced to answer. Any provocative act, will be taken as an excuse to enter a war. And President Obama – the president who “won” the Nobel Prize for Peace for NOT being George Bush – will bring the United States – (possibly dragging in other countries as well) – into yet another war.

One that everyone KNOWS – cannot end in victory.

So what is The Plan?

Destroy the U.S. economy?
Make the citizens, slaves in their own country?
Or, is it something bigger?

The one central theme – that has never changed – in spite of all the disinformation put out to confuse and obfuscate the masses – is the need to establish a one world government (or, rather – a one world corporation which owns EVERYTHING.)

And for that to actually happen – Russia is a major stumbling block.

But what about China?

Well, in many way – China already IS under central control – and seems to play ball with the NWO. There is a chance that they might not in the future – but there seems to be no real resolve to fight this new ordering system. Russia, on the other hand – seems to still play its own tune. Why?

Simply because it is the ONLY country in the world – with ACTUAL ability – to resist the Globalists’ pressures. And it has massive untapped oil reserves, which can make it a major player in future economic alliances.

The Globalists want a THIRD WORLD WAR – to FORCE the creation of their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.
Human beings living on the planet – except for those who are already in power – will be nothing more than birds in a cage.

Everything about the President of the United States – Barack Obama – seems to have been MANUFACTURED by the Agency…

Read Wayne Madsen’s report here:

The Internet – has empowered the masses – and exposed the Elite for what they are: Ruthless Power Hoarders.
Now, Bilderberg has set the agenda to change that. They want to REGAIN the power to CONTROL what you SEE and HEAR. And thereby – control WHAT YOU THINK!


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