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War Criminal?
Evil Mastermind?

Or, was George W. Bush just another drunk – who woke up one day – to find himself President of the United States?

Well, in retrospect – it doesn’t seem to matter.

People are still going to buy his book.


Well – because, if someone as dumb, drunk and delusional as “Dubya” can be President….

They can too.

Oh Yes, YOU CAN!

Where does Authority come from?

The Church would say – “from God”

And we know that the Church is never wrong…
Just as we KNOW FOR CERTAIN that the Sun circles the Earth.

The bankers on the other hand would point to another source of authority – fake money, fake judges and fake governments.

Apparently, so long as nobody ASKS that particular question – you can pretty much do ANYTHING you want to people…

You have the “AUTHORITY”

The Federal Reserve was DESIGNED to Destroy the U.S. Dollar – and by default, destroy the United States of America as well. And now, the Endgame is under way.

Hyperinflation is just around the corner.

But there are other plays which could happen before that. A sudden collapse in the gold prices could be triggered by a rise in interest rates – designed simply to get people out of gold – before the dollar collapse. A spook tactic, to send less sophisticated gold investors scrambling to lock in profits.

But that can only be affected temporarily.

The dollar collapse – is eminent, and just as rapidly as interest rates can rise – they can and will fall…. most likely to zero. And that will be the feather which breaks the dollar’s green back!

The Fifth Estate is ALL the People have, now – since the other FOUR – the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Press – have been taken over by corporations owned by the ruling elite. The Internet – is the reason why they did not get away with 9/11.

Richard Gage’s story parallels my own. I independently came to the conclusions I have by simple calculations. They were enough for me to know – without a shadow of a doubt – that the official story was a fabrication.

Why does the Government lie to you?

Well, people lie for many reasons. And there are many types of lies. For example:

1. White Lies – lies which people tell others, so as not to offend them, or to get into their favour.

2. Fear Lies – those lies people tell to avoid trouble (mostly for themselves)

3. Tortured Lies – lies which you tell during torture, generally to avoid further punishment and pain

4. Religious Lies – lies which people tell, simply because they choose to believe dogma – without question.

5. Political Lies – these generally are told, by those in power – to get you to do – what they want you to do.

Human beings have come to accept “political lies” because they have come to believe that – even if a politician is lying to them – there must be a GOOD reason behind it. That’s making the grand and stupid assumption – that the politicians are good, benign, father-like figures who want only the best – for the people they lord over!

And what a LIE that is!

Watch the video below – and see how bold-faced some people can be, when they lie. Some people even fool themselves with their own lies… which brings me to the last and most dangerous lie of ALL:

6. Self-Delusion – lying to yourself, without knowing that – you are lying to yourself…

But… if you don’t actually DECLARE yourself BANKRUPT – HIDE the DEBT – PRETEND like you have made NO LOSSES…
You can HOPE – that people WON’T NOTICE.

You can HOPE that they’ll lend you a few trillion more bucks…

Such is the – Audacity of HOPE! =P

If they fabricated the 9/11 attacks – what makes you think anything ELSE they told you – was true?

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