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How did the Government get so powerful?

Alan Watts explains how T.V. was used to brainwash the population into subjection.

And while you are watching T.V. – Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates will decide whether to let you live, or die.

This kind of thing DESERVES a slap in the FACE!

Scott Charney, Microsoft vice president of Trustworthy Computing suggested a “global collective defense” run by firms should “track and control” people’s computers ( Read Article )

Like every other tyrannical multi-national corporation, it assumes that people are too dumb to manage their own computers and surf time – to the point where you’d have to be licensed just to go online.

I’ve got a better idea.

Why not PUNISH Microsoft – for even going so far as to SUGGEST such a bone-headed idea?

Boycott Microsoft! ( )

Heck, while we’re at it – why not have a go at ALL the other MEGA-CORPORATIONS out there who seem to be pushing for the formation of a New World Order, as well?

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