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Your children and grandchildren will grow up as Slaves…

Just like YOU!

This is what you get, when you give your money to the banks – for “safe keeping.”

This is what you get, when you allow a Private Corporation like the Fed to print your currency.

This is what happens – if you keep paying your taxes.

This one is dedicated to all the perverts behind the monitors – working for TSA…

Enough is ENOUGH!

How did the Dark Side of the Political, Military, Police and Media Forces – become larger than the Light (or, White) Side?

And the NUMBER ONE source for MINIONS working for the Dark Side?

Your local Church Parish.

Is it just me, or don’t you think that having C.E.O.s in charge of the Federal Reserve Board – a little too incestuous?
The Fed makes the money that their companies feed off from – and THEY control the money supply…

The rest of us… just work and pay our taxes… which also go to paying off the interest that the Fed creates from fictional reserves.

Fictional Reserves – Fractional Reserves… let’s call the whole thing off!

One thing is clear – the people who own the Federal Reserve – OWN AMERICA.
And they want to own the world too. That much is clear. If the current system of monetary creation continues, they will soon own the planet – and everyone in it. Why?

Because they make money – from nothing – and charge you interest on it. Something REAL for something IMAGINED.

Fiat Money – or, money by decree – allows NO LIMIT on the amount that may be printed. Theoretically, every currency which has no backing in GOLD eventually looses its value – and reverts back to zero when enough of it gets into the system.

But what if that “fiat money” – was used almost EXCLUSIVELY to extend POWER?

Fiat money – funding the growth of FIAT POWER?

And what if there was NO ONE and NO COUNTY with the means to stand in its WAY?

Once an ENTIRE PLANET is dominated – by a SINGLE POWER – that fiat currency will be of little use – since all power would have already been surrendered. SLAVES no longer have any need of MONEY!

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