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There will always be folks on this planet who believe the official story of 9/11. No matter how much evidence is gathered – no matter what they are shown – they will choose to believe that a bunch of ragheads from a God-forsaken land, living in caves and having nothing but ancient Soviet-era weapons launched the single most sophisticated attack on the world’s only remaining super power in 2001.

These same folk will believe ANYTHING – so long as it’s on TV.

And the government knows that. As long as “MOST” of the people are fooled – you can run ANY scam you want, and still keep the system running. Some scams can run for decades – like the fiat U.S. dollar, for instance. Others, like Obama’s faked Birth Certificate – seem to run straight into a brick wall. And even among the hardcore “blue pill” people – Osama’s sudden demise, seems just a stretch less credible than they would have been comfortable with. It would have been nice for them – to FINALLY put the “Myth” propagated by the 9/11 Truther to rest… with a photo of the vanquished foe – or, better yet VIDEO – on TV!

Ahh… but here’s the thing about the truth: You don’t have to spend trillions of dollars generating it. The facts are right there – and they are FREE for anyone to pick up and piece together.

Let’s take the case of Cantor Fitzgerald, for example. They lost 658 employees during September 11th – about two-thirds of their workforce. CEO and chairman Howard Lutnick, was not one of them.

It seems that Cantor handled about one-quarter of the daily transactions in the multi-trillion dollar treasury security market.

Apparently, J.P. Morgan issued 2.2 trillion dollars – MORE – in treasury bonds, than they were ALLOWED TO during the 1990’s. And the records for those transactions – were kept… well, guess where?

And we are of course, not even including the gold in the basement – which mysteriously vanished (or, should we say vaporized – along with the nano-thermite?)

People seem to only care about the TRUTH – when they’ve been lied to. Only then will you have some tangible sense of how dangerous lies can be.

Aaron Russo had his first brush with GOVERNMENT LIES at the age of 24 – when police raided his nightclub in Chicago. I suppose it was that incident which allowed him to see what most people either don’t see or, don’t want to see…

The TRUTH is anything the Government DEFINES the TRUTH to be.

So the TRUTH is – that 9/11 was conducted by a bunch of people who lived in caves who listen to a man who grows younger as time goes by.

The TRUTH is that radiation is GOOD for you.

The TRUTH is that Gold and Silver – are just barbaric relics which have little or no value – compared with Government issued Printed Paper.

The TRUTH is that Gaddafi is BAD GUY who tortures and murders his own people.

The TRUTH is that it is GOOD to torture and murder your own people ONLY IF YOUR PRESIDENT TELLS YOU TO.



The TRUTH is that – FREEDOM is only for the PROGENY of the Hyper Wealthy.

The TRUTH is that YOU ARE A HAMSTER – running around in a Rothschild/Rockefeller/Queen of England owned cage.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
– Revelations chapter 13, verse 17

I don’t think that any other section of the Bible has been speculated more upon, than the one from where the verse above is taken. Who IS the Beast? What IS his NAME? What does 666 translate to?

Well, I really don’t care.

To me it makes no difference what or who Mr. Antichrist 666 is. When he/she/it shows up at my door – he/she/it will get fucked up the ass – same like anyone else that tries to mess with me. But, what I do want to point out is that – for some incredibly stupid reason – human beings seemed to have GIVEN AWAY the God-given right – to create their OWN medium of exchange.

Why we would ever want a Global Body – with the right to issue a Global Currency – is well beyond me. And that’s because a Global Currency ALREADY exists. It has for centuries. It’s called Gold. (And by association, Silver.)

The way I see this going down is like this.

1. A Global Economic Crisis comes about – currencies collapse and world trade suddenly grinds to a halt.
2. People demand an alternate currency – one free from all the muddle that the current US backed system has.
3. A gold (and/or silver) currency comes about.
4. Then slowly unbacked paper gold and silver make their way into the system.
5. Gradually, the REAL physical metal vanishes out from the world financial universe.
6. Physical metals are dropped from the World Currency.
7. ONLY certain people (the richest) are allowed to use Gold and Silver as currency. The slaves must now ONLY trade with each other – and trade must be REGULATED.
Enter the Mark of the Beast…. (i.e. RFID chips)

Of course, all of this has ALREADY HAPPENED!
(Yes, even the RFID part but a tiny number idiots thought it was a GOOD idea, thankfully.)

That’s the American story in a nutshell. That is how the banking cartel removed nearly ALL the gold and silver from the pockets of the average working American – in the course of just a few lifetimes. And they can happily use the same model again, since no one seems to be paying any attention to the fact that they are essentially… using Beast Money!

I don’t believe in prophecy – or, for that matter prophets.

But I do believe that there is a small number of people who believe that they were born to Rule the Earth. And these people have a plan.

If you want to know what that plan looks like, listen to Lindsey Williams. He’s got the inside scoop. Everything that I’ve said above – is pure conjecture, based of past historical evidence…

No one can REALLY predict the future.

But you sure as hell can PLAN it.

How accurate can you be when predicting an Earthquake?

If you are Benjamin Fulford – you’d be right,100 percent of the time. But that’s only because he gets inside information. Natural disasters are generally unpredictable. Un-natural ones, come right on time!

On April 11th, 2011 – there was a big Earthquake in Japan – caused by HAARP heating up a water reservoir deep beneath Mt. Fuji. – It seems like. J. Rockefeller and his gang aren’t done with Japan, yet.

Spent fuel rods placed in Reactor 3 only FOUR months before the Earthquake/Tsunami on March 11th, 2011.

The firing of Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd by the Federal Reserve… yes, THAT Federal Reserve.

The murder of Japanese Prime Ministers.

And the U.S. Military, running out of money – and trying to get their hands on Gaddafi’s Gold.

Finally, the possible death of billions and billions – if these people are not stopped.

If Benjamin Fulford was right about the recent Earthquake – you may want to tip the odds in his favour on his other “predictions.”

That would be the smart thing to do.

Yoda Greenspan

Alan Greenspan is Yoda

Could it be that Alan Greenspan is ON OUR SIDE – a Jedi Master secretly PRETENDING to be a Sith Lord?

If this turns out to be true – then maybe there IS HOPE for the World after all. The Dark Lords of the House of Rothschild and Rockefeller will soon be TOAST!

And Ron Paul was in on the game since the 70’s?!
Maybe there is a chance for the Light-side of the Force (Gold/Silver bugs) to prevail…. just MAYBE!

Hey, even Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader turned on his Master – in the end!

Let’s start by looking briefly at the history of the Education Industry…

Human beings started out learning from their parents. In hunter-gatherer societies – small groups of seven or so – knowing how to hunt, or knowing which berries to pick – meant the difference between LIFE and an EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL DEATH. That helped improve the evolution of our species in no small measure, as the dumb-ass Cro-Magnons generally got themselves wiped out even before they found a steady girlfriend.

When agriculture became THE NEXT BIG THING for the human species – it became important for folks to tell the time. Seasons changed and farming had to be done at the RIGHT time. This required rather specialized knowledge – that not EVERY ONE in the village could quite grasp.

Enter the Druids. (i.e. religion)

Or, in more general terms – the “Priest Class.”

These people looked at the stars, sun and moon – and could some how accurately (give or take a week) PREDICT the changing of the seasons. They built devices which could help them tell the time (i.e. Stonehenge ) – which only they could decipher. Ergo, it took a specialized form of LEARNING to become part of their clan.

Fast-forward several thousand years – and you had the Library of Alexandria – where only the elite few – could get borrower’s cards. Knowledge – wasn’t for EVERYONE.

Knowledge was dangerous. And there was no telling WHAT slaves would do – if they ever learned to READ a papyrus scroll!

Well, we all know how that worked out.

The Ancient Priestly Class – were all but exterminated – along with their religion. But their position in society was soon taken up by another: The Roman Catholic Church.

A religion – which borrowed heavily from a Middle Eastern clan in the Fertile Crescent seemed to work very well to replace the Roman gods which the rebelling slave classes had come to revile. But it had to first be ADAPTED to suit a more Militaristic Civilization. You couldn’t have people running around preaching here and there – saying this and that. You needed ORDER. You needed Hierarchy. You need a Pope.

You also needed propaganda.

And so, the Council of Nicaea – was formed to create the Official Story – and its litany was spread throughout the Empire. Suddenly, there was a solid Belief-System, which MADE YOU SPECIAL. It made you HOLY! It made you PART of the UPPER ECHELONS of the Roman Empire…

Most people thought that was cool.

The Complexity of this Belief System however – required YEARS of ARDUOUS STUDY – to master. Nevermind that it had little or nothing to do with your surrounding reality. The Priest Class – were now, effectively – useless from an agricultural point of view. But they were still held in high regard – for PURELY Political Reasons. They were the Guardians of Official Propaganda!

And you couldn’t contradict them… unless you had the urge to know what your own flesh smelt like when barbecued.

Enter the Renaissance.

Suddenly, the common folk began to learn how to READ – in no small part, due to the availability of books – due again, in no small part – to the invention (by a certain goldsmith) – of the printing press.

People soon found out – that what they heard in Church – wasn’t QUITE what was in there in the “Holiest” of all books (at least in the Western hemisphere) – the Bible. And the church-sold propaganda – was, for the first time – QUESTIONED!

Now, it is important to note – that in the Middle East – at least TWO versions of a certain Belief System emerged along side that of the Holy Roman Empire. But we won’t go there – for now.

Anyway, cutting to the chase – the Age of Reason – was born.

And REASON is always an enemy – to ANY type of Belief System.

To quote Carl Sagan – the rules of Science (Reason) are twofold:

2. All assumptions must be put to the test – and that those assumptions, inconsistent with the result – MUST be discarded.

MUST. Not “may.” Or, “should.”

In short, reason – must be based on what you can show. Or, at least – cannot prove false.

Now, we’ve arrived at a rather sticky situation. You see, the Keeper of MOST Ancient Manuscripts was the Church – who for centuries – were also the Keepers of Official Propaganda. And these new “scientists” – were trying to put them – out of a job.

Enter the University.

Sure, it was an idea stolen from the ancient Islamic world. But it really took off in Europe simply because NOW you had a method to amalgamate REASON to PROPAGANDA. Christian Universities – those which TEACH SCIENCE AS A RELIGION. You aren’t allowed to QUESTION ANYTHING – until you reached the very apex of the Academic Pyramid – by which time, you’d hopefully be corrupt enough to know “how the system worked” – and not risk loosing tenure.

A marvelous addition to this “Education System” – was the invention of centralized schools. Now, you could indoctrinate an entire population of people who would otherwise NOT have the chance – to be brainwashed into servitude. Nevermind that they were not taught things which were actually USEFUL to THEM – to their own survival. Say, about the money system – or, fractional reserve banking.

They simply filled the gap left by the ancient slave rebellion – back in Alexandria.

It’s no accident that Rockefeller had a big hand in the developement of the American School System – soon mimicked all over the world.

The BIGGEST loot, however – was to be made in PRIVATIZING University Education.

Now, students had to PAY – for their own ENSLAVEMENT by taking out massive loans for an education which virtually GUARANTEES no return.


Welcome to my Blog – you Educated Slave!

When Jim Henson made Labyrinth back in the 80’s – I wonder if he had David Rockefeller in mind – as his source of inspiration for the Goblin King (played by the legendary David Bowie.) I mean, here you have an ABSOLUTE MONARCH – with an army of goblin SLAVES – and who STEAL HUMAN BABIES to turn them into Goblins slaves… (i.e. corporate drones)

– Eugenics (i.e. goblin making) – Covert Population Control via Forced Sterilization or, Abortion (i.e. stolen babies)

And all the time MANIPULATING REALITY – so you see only what HE WANTS YOU – TO SEE (i.e. Mass Media Propaganda)

And making FALSE DIVISION in Society – the Left versus the Right paradigm… (i.e. Up or Down)

Don’t you think it’s time – to tell the Goblin King, “You Have NO POWER” – over US….?

Zionism – as defined by the Rothschild’s – is NOT in ANY WAY good for either Israel or, Judaism.
In fact, I think that this particular form of Nationalism or, Ethnic Bias – serves no other purpose beyond supporting the aims of those who control the agenda of the movement. In fact, I think that it achieves the exact opposite aims of which it professes to aspire to.

Rothschild’s Zionism – will destroy Israel – eventually. The same way that Rockefeller’s America – HAS destroyed the United States of America.

If you think that Bill Gates is the RICHEST man in the World (or, even made the top ten) – or, if you think that Obama can do pretty much what he wants to do – as PRESIDENT of the United States…

…you’ve got your head in the clouds.

Here are the REAL Powers behind the Thrones…

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