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How many people know that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s FATHER – Harold Giuliani – did hard time in prison for his association with the Mafia? Or, that the Bush family basically owned ALL the floors impacted by the airplanes in the 9/11 false flag attack on the World Trade Centers?

I certainly didn’t.

I also didn’t know that Giuliani’s chauffeur was Police Commissioner of New York City – back in 2001. It was his department provided that amazing passport that survived the supposed impact. Did you know that this same Police Commissioner – is now – in JAIL?

Did you know that the company called in to INVESTIGATE the FIRST BOMB in the basement of the World Trade Center Towers – the one which didn’t work – were called in AGAIN to investigate both Towers’ collapse? Did you know that this same company – Science Application International Corporation or, SAIC – actually make nanothermite?

Did you know that the C.I.A. hires SAIC to spy on their own employees?

Did you know the SAIC provided “evidence” for the invasion of Iraq?

Did you know the SAIC provided “evidence” for the conviction of the only terrorist charged for the 9/11 False Flag attack?

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) tried to change History to suit the Official Story, but slowly the truth is coming out.

But they aren’t the ONLY ones messing with you – without your knowledge. If you only knew what the CDC (Center for Disease Control) was doing to you – in SECRET!

Syphilis – anyone?

And finally, what do you do – when a Banker sneaks in to your house?
Call 911?

Well, it only makes sense –

Since 9-11… the Banks have had little very little luck in real estate.

When a body such as NIST has to be SUED in a Court of Law – just to allow the public access to critical information, you have to ask the obvious question: What are they hiding?

In the case of 9/11 – QUITE A LOT!

Take this case and point – two firefighters telling the world that they not only heard explosions – but were right in the middle of one.

I’d say that’s pretty important evidence. Why did NIST make no mention of it?

I think that it is fair to say, that political forces have corrupted the institute. And rot like this must come from TOP DOWN.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology – is nothing short of a NATIONAL DISGRACE!

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