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Apparently, in 1996  a “person of interest” boarded a plane along with another 229 people.

The US Navy were apparently instructed not to allow that plane to leave US Airspace.

Which meant of course collateral damage of 229 innocent lives.

Apparently, this was found to be acceptable.

I am not anonymous. I’ve never really needed to hide my identity from anyone. And that’s because I have my own Army, Navy and Airforce – watching my back. That’s what a country is there for – DEFENCE – of its citizens.

People in Europe and the United States, however – have lost this layer of protection. Their military, no longer works for THEM. And so, the only weapon they have left – is ANONYMITY!

And in large enough numbers – no Army, Navy or Airforce – in the history of the world – have ever won against the ANONYMOUS MASSES of people – fighting for their mutual survival.

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