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Payback seems to be the name of the game…

It’s not often you get to see royalty getting pelted with bottles…

Or, Parliament being attacked by students…

But for my part – nothing beats seeing the government and banks getting hit where it really hurts for their role in trying to censor the web – i.e. Wikileaks…

I think that ChangeDaChannels says it better than I can – in 60 seconds…

What he said was,

“An all out cyber-war erupts as Hackers take MasterCard offline and you can bet,
that the powers that be will use this and wikileaks to censor more of the internet
While the hackers are vowing to take down, paypal and even the twitters,
You do not want to tick off hackers cause they’re some hard hitters
Suicide bomber kills 15 in Northwest Pakistan as at least 83 people killed in Chile prison fire
Video is believed to show GI held in Afghanistan as Prices at the gas pump is creeping higher
Tony Blair recalled for more questions and to give evidence about Iraq
These fools are talking about RFID for guns, I think they all doing crack
TSA agents revolt over daily body scanner radiation that they face
Bank of America admits fraud in US antitrust case
and of course some are getting a free pass on new health care laws,
to opt out of key provision or as we call it the closed door deals clause
State senator files for repeal of Missouri’s Puppy Mill Act,
What a heartless creep, he outta be slapped,
And all this crap makes me wanna scream and shout,
but that’s all the time for world news in 60 seconds I’m changedachannel and I’m out!”

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