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Well, this explains a lot – doesn’t it?

The Mexican Drug Cartel withdrew their cash from the system in 2007 – and the World Economy come to a screeching halt – in 2008. Cocaine (or, benzoylmethylecgonine if you prefer) makes the World go around…. and around… and around…

No surprise why Ben Bernanke doesn’t want ANYONE snooping around in HIS BOOKS!

The C.I.A. should really be called the Cocaine Intelligence Agency since although at least a portion of their portfolio profits come from OPIUM fields in Afghanistan – their meat and potatoes, is still – cocaine.

The road that the Federal Reserve went down in monetizing debt – is the surest way to destroy ANY economy.

Why did they do it?

Well, the simplest answer to THAT is that – THAT is what the Fed was DESIGNED to do.
To be fair, it took very many baby steps – over the course of nearly 100 years – but, it has FINALLY reached its goal. The Fed HAS – destroyed the American Economy – by debasing the dollar and buying WORTHLESS Treasury Bonds.

You KNOW your country is in trouble – when there are more illegals trying to get OUT then there are trying to get IN!

The system is now running on FRAUD.

I like to use a quote that was first used on a T.V. series some time in the early 90’s – Wise Guy –

“The System depends on the majority of the people being good. And the majority of people ARE GOOD – thank God!”

But the System is now broken, simply because the majority of people THAT RUN THE SYSTEM – are NOT GOOD! They are in fact, downright EVIL!

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