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I have known about the Green Light given to Saddam Hussein by the United States PRIOR to the invasion of Kuwait for a long time – and I suspect that most members of Congress knew as well – at least those within the inner circle of corruption. But only AFTER Julian Assange comes along – is this “TRUTH” – now accepted for what it is:

A Betrayal of Trust

How many times must the American people get fooled – before they finally lose faith in their government?

I don’t really know the answer to that question. But on a personal level – you need only lie to me ONCE before I stop listening to a word you say.

Watch this – if you want to wake up…

Fiat Money – or, money by decree – allows NO LIMIT on the amount that may be printed. Theoretically, every currency which has no backing in GOLD eventually looses its value – and reverts back to zero when enough of it gets into the system.

But what if that “fiat money” – was used almost EXCLUSIVELY to extend POWER?

Fiat money – funding the growth of FIAT POWER?

And what if there was NO ONE and NO COUNTY with the means to stand in its WAY?

Once an ENTIRE PLANET is dominated – by a SINGLE POWER – that fiat currency will be of little use – since all power would have already been surrendered. SLAVES no longer have any need of MONEY!

If they fabricated the 9/11 attacks – what makes you think anything ELSE they told you – was true?

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