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If you’re a member of ANY Society – the Freemasons in particular – you will either be on the “inside” or the “outside” – of a Circle of Secrecy.

If you don’t believe these circles exists – you’re one of those – on the outside.

Here is some information – from the Inside….

The Earth Charter

The last President who told the people he served, the Truth – had his head blown off.

President Reagan, didn’t take orders – and nearly got himself killed too.

Both cover stories – one of the assassination and the other of the attempt – are pieces of pure fiction. John F. Kennedy was shot by three different gunmen. Not one of which was Lee Harvey Oswald.

Close inspection of the Zapruder film show three shots – one to the neck and two to the head. Sound analysis shows multiple gun shots coming from various directions. Oswald’s shot – hit the pavement. He aimed too high…
Perhaps he was told to. Oswald was the best sniper in the Agency – that’s why he was hired for the job – or, at least that was what he must have believed. Wasn’t the job just to scare the President?

The cover story for Reagan’s shooting was that a nut with a gun, John Warnock Hinckley Jr. wanted to impress Jodie Foster by killing the President. The people bought that one too. The truth is, that Reagan was never meant to hold his office for very long. They wanted George H. W. Bush in his place.

But they didn’t pull that one, off. They had to wait another eight years for their second chance.

There have been no serious assassination attempts, since George H. W. Bush took office. And there likely will never be. Until another President comes along, who is brave enough to turn on his masters – and tell the people the TRUTH once again.

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