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Where does Authority come from?

The Church would say – “from God”

And we know that the Church is never wrong…
Just as we KNOW FOR CERTAIN that the Sun circles the Earth.

The bankers on the other hand would point to another source of authority – fake money, fake judges and fake governments.

Apparently, so long as nobody ASKS that particular question – you can pretty much do ANYTHING you want to people…

You have the “AUTHORITY”

A highly classified military material – Nano Thermite – previously unknown to the general public – was FIRST USED on both World Trade Center Towers and Building 7.

Chemist Niels Harrit breaks down his experience with the red-grey chips…

How do the rich get richer?
Well, basically – the same way criminals do… by stealth and deception.

Inflation is the thief that steals money from your wallet – without even needing to open it – and places its value into the hands of those who control the cashflow.

With digital money – the process becomes even simpler – because then, THEY hold your wallet FOR YOU!

The Corporate World – is FILLED to BURSTING with Cowards – who WILL NOT SPEAK UP – even when their chosen profession is to TELL the World the TRUTH.

Kevin Bracken – the Victorian Trades Hall President (Australia) – had the courage to call them out – for the cowardly liars they have turned into…

Ten years ago – the USS Cole was supposedly attacked by the same band of high-tech, low value band of fictional characters that supposedly attacked the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7. Today, you have a low-tech, high value band of thieves stealing directly from the American people – and sinking the entire country in the process – into an ocean of debt.

Just like in the movie – the people in steerage were the first ones to know how deep the trouble the ship was really in – long before those in first class even stopped popping the champagne. It won’t be long though, before the waters reach the upper deck. And then, only those people who have gold life boats ready – will be prepared for the final plunge into the abyss.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) tried to change History to suit the Official Story, but slowly the truth is coming out.

But they aren’t the ONLY ones messing with you – without your knowledge. If you only knew what the CDC (Center for Disease Control) was doing to you – in SECRET!

Syphilis – anyone?

And finally, what do you do – when a Banker sneaks in to your house?
Call 911?

Well, it only makes sense –

Since 9-11… the Banks have had little very little luck in real estate.

New evidence from Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer suggest that EVERYONE on the Commission – was ON the Commission – simply to cover for someone being INVESTIGATED BY the Commission.

Considering that the Obama’s FIRST JOB was with Goldman Sachs and the fact that it has multiple connections with the Fed and the rest of the U.S. Government – I don’t see how ANY action on its criminal activity of defrauding the American tax-payer can ever come about.

Scum – after all – is something you don’t want to look at – or, touch….

The Euro – was from the moment of its conception – a Bankster SCAM!

National currencies are designed to give each nation a free hand in trying to balance its trade, while providing a certain amount of insulation to each nation from the occasional volatility that is naturally associated with it.

Remove this safety net – and you basically let the sharks in.

That is what happened to Greece. The Euro is also set to pull Portugal and possibly Spain down as well. None of these countries have any opportunity to devalue their currency and thereby to shore up their debt.

The Euro was an IDIOTIC idea to begin with – and one which was designed to serve NO OTHER PURPOSE – than to sell Europe into servitude – the SAME WAY the U.S. is currently, for all effective purposes – a slave population working in perpetuity – to pay ever-increasing interest to those that own the Federal Reserve.

Delusional? Crazy? Insane?

But also… maybe – TRUE?

He only put forward three hypothesise – without really committing himself to any one – while calling for a fresh investigation.

Personally, I’ve already tried and convicted the U.S. Government of 9/11 – simply by using Occam’s Razor:

Take the SIMPLEST explanation – which FITS ALL THE FACTS.

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