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Your children and grandchildren will grow up as Slaves…

Just like YOU!

This is what you get, when you give your money to the banks – for “safe keeping.”

This is what you get, when you allow a Private Corporation like the Fed to print your currency.

This is what happens – if you keep paying your taxes.

Inflation is NOT the only reason – why gold has been spiking, and reaching new heights. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has been playing around with their ALLOCATED GOLD ACCOUNTS – to help out certain banks. About a dozen billionaires have now gone on the offensive – and have DEMANDED their GOLD BACK!

The only real problem with that – is that these banks – don’t HAVE the billionaires’ gold. The bankers used the fractional reserve methods to fake their gold accounts – which was supposedly in ALLOCATED ACCOUNTS! (Essentially, using money – which DID NOT IN ANY WAY – belong to THEM!)

And now the billionaires are FIGHTING BACK!

The banks have to actually go out and BUY BACK – what they had no authority to SELL in the FIRST PLACE!

And THAT – is what lead to the sudden SURGE in Gold Prices – over the past few days.

And of course, with all these fraudulent banking practices going on – quite a number unexplained “fires” and “thefts” have taken place…

Have we finally found the REAL reason for Building 7’s MYSTERIOUS Collapse?

One thing is clear – the people who own the Federal Reserve – OWN AMERICA.
And they want to own the world too. That much is clear. If the current system of monetary creation continues, they will soon own the planet – and everyone in it. Why?

Because they make money – from nothing – and charge you interest on it. Something REAL for something IMAGINED.

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