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I don’t know of any other movie on the Net – other than Loose Change – which has awakened and affected the public to the tyranny of the modern monetary system more – than Zeitgeist (the first movie)

Zeitgeist II (Addendum) was a little harder to watch – and a there was a growing sense of incredulity towards the end.

I’ll let YOU decide how this THIRD Zeitgeist movie fares. And if this proves too heavy for you – try “The American Dream” below, first – as an intro….

But… if you don’t actually DECLARE yourself BANKRUPT – HIDE the DEBT – PRETEND like you have made NO LOSSES…
You can HOPE – that people WON’T NOTICE.

You can HOPE that they’ll lend you a few trillion more bucks…

Such is the – Audacity of HOPE! =P

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