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Control of the Media – is Mind Control.

No matter how intelligent you think you are, all your brain can ever do is formulate ideas with the information given to it. If that information is false – your conclusions will be as well. And that is why, the first battle of ANY war – is waged first on the Information Sources.

The people have almost NEVER been told the TRUTH.

And that’s simply because those who have power – want to retain that power. And truth, is weapon more powerful than even nuclear weapons. And just like the masses are not allowed to have their own stores of uranium or plutonium – they are never really allowed access the truth in its most basic and raw form.

The Internet is a threat to that monopoly. And that is why the powerful want it shut down.

So when the NEXT False Flag comes your way – you will have only one version of the events.

Their LIES – will become YOUR “TRUTH”

Watch this – if you want to wake up…

How can you NOT expect this to happen – in a country where the Corporations MAKE the Voting Machines?

There’s a reason why some traditional systems – should not change.

Democracy – Died in the Digital Age.

If they allow the Kill Switch – the Internet will die.

Free Speech will die.

People will die…

And no one will ever know why.

Some brainwashed woman – wants the FBI to check her computer – in order to PROTECT HER FREEDOM… =P


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