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Tyranny always starts out looking friendly and safe. Tyranny looks pretty much like Security – like Hope – almost.
That’s what seduces the population. That’s why they run into the waiting arms of a dictator who PROMISES them a better, safer, more secure – World… while he quietly removes their freedom.

The United States of America – is turning very slowly, but surely – into one big Gulag. With now over two MILLION people in prison, it boast of the world’s largest prison population. And it is only set – to grow…

This girl was placed in a Russian Gulag – for writing her thoughts in her diary.

How long will it be before they start to arrest bloggers for Anti-American – thoughts?

Oh, yes – we can!

Tapeworms essentially first infect, inhabit and then gradually change their host to suit their own needs. Eventually, the host dies. But not before infecting other new hosts. Parasites are not confined the biological world. They have their corporate counterparts.

The United States of America has been infected by Parasitic Corporations – whose only goal is to take what they need from it, and to move on to other countries, once they have sucked it dry.

Catherine Austin Fitts – who was Assistant Secretary of Housing under President George H. W. Bush – explains how the infection is killing the host economy – and how the endgame is directed towards total world domination through controlling the food supply.

Wikileaks is more than one man. In fact, it is more than one organisation.

It is an idea.

Just like the United States is just basically an idea -so is Wikileaks.

The United States of America was founded on the idea that ALL MEN were created EQUAL by God.
Quite a strange idea for its time – considering the fact that slavery still existed and that women were technically… not “Men” and hence did not have that same god-granted equality.

The idea was though, that those of ROYAL Blood – had no SPECIAL AUTHORITY – over the rest of humanity. Hence, all the rights and privileges associated with Royalty – really shouldn’t be part of the structure of a free society.

It was of course, on THAT principle – that the Republic was set up.

Democracy – or, the rule of the masses – isn’t really part of that central idea. And here’s why:
Democracy entails the Majority’s Authority over the Minority’s Will. The Minority, in effect – have no rights – God-given or, otherwise.

That is why the Republic – was established. The IDEA that God made man with EQUAL RIGHTS – could never be messed with, no matter what the Majority thought. THAT – is the foundation on which the U.S. is built. Take that away – and the concept of FREEDOM vanishes together with the United States.

Now… what does this have to do with Wikileaks?

Well, with the advent of Corporate Mass Media – it seems that it is actually possible to CONTROL the MAJORITY simply by controlling what INFORMATION they have access to. Most people tend to believe what they are told – especially, when it comes through an “authoritative source” – like TV or the Newspaper…. TIME magazine, even.

And that’s an awful concentration of power.

A small group of hyper-rich – will then have the means to CONTROL a DEMOCRACY by simply CONTROLLING the MEDIA.

Now, we have – again – a new bunch of “Royals” – with rights and privileges denied to the rest of the populace.

Enter Wikileaks.

The central philosophy behind Wikileaks (and other organisations like it) is fundamentally the SAME ones upon which the United States was founded on. But with a TWIST.


(Now, of course – we do mean all Men AND Women… even those in-between like Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga.)

Now I would consider that – for ANY REAL DEMOCRACY to function properly – the PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW what THEY ARE DOING.

“Of course we know what we are doing!” – the sheeple respond.

The same sheeple who – of their own free-will – ran into the slaughterhouse of War after 9/11…



I don’t know if Julian Assange is being played by the CIA – but that’s really quite irrelative. An organisation like Wikileaks – should be embedded within ANY free society – to prevent precisely what has already happened in the United States.

Payback seems to be the name of the game…

It’s not often you get to see royalty getting pelted with bottles…

Or, Parliament being attacked by students…

But for my part – nothing beats seeing the government and banks getting hit where it really hurts for their role in trying to censor the web – i.e. Wikileaks…

How do the rich get richer?
Well, basically – the same way criminals do… by stealth and deception.

Inflation is the thief that steals money from your wallet – without even needing to open it – and places its value into the hands of those who control the cashflow.

With digital money – the process becomes even simpler – because then, THEY hold your wallet FOR YOU!

Actually, if you want the TRUTH – Liberty Ends – where Fear Begins…

As long as the government can keep the masses in fear of FEAR (a.k.a. Terror) – they will have no liberty, no justice and certainly NO DEMOCRACY…

Every drop of blood spilt – from 9/11 to Afghanistan, Iraq and now, Pakistan – is due to plans set in motions decades ago when a very small number of people – covertly – gained control of America’s financial institutions, political and judicial instruments – and even the supposedly “free” Press.

While the rest of the planet slept, they grew like a cancer – infecting every organ within the nation.

A cancer NEVER stops growing – until its host is dead.

Truth – is the ONLY chance the country will ever have – for a cure.

If they don’t shoot the messenger first!

When you kill ONE innocent human being – they call it MURDER.
But when Government kills a hundred thousand – they call it War.

No one seems to be held accountable – for the latter.

And how do you get away with MURDER?

How did the Government get so powerful?

Alan Watts explains how T.V. was used to brainwash the population into subjection.

And while you are watching T.V. – Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates will decide whether to let you live, or die.

What has America turned into?

A State which robs cradles – and turns children into STATE PROPERTY!

John Irish and Stephanie Taylor found out the hard way that New Hampshire sees fit to remove a newborn from its parents simply for their political views (posted online) and their association with the Oath Keepers. Patriots of the country are UNDER ATTACK – and this is simply ONE example of such tyrannical acts now commonly witnessed across the North American Continent… not just in the U.S.

Read further details here.


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