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So, Snowden worked for the NSA, right?


He worked for a company called Booz Allen Hamilton – a private company – which in turn is owned by the Carlyle Group.

I wonder why that sounds familiar… hmm.

Oh yeah! That’s the Conglomerate owned by – Dubya’s Dad!

Booz Allen Hamilton

The Bush Clan!

And so we go from Bush to Carlyle Group to Booz Allen Hamilton to the Alphabet Soup Intelligence Agencies…

With McConnel running things on the ground.

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  1. Assange’s persecutor, Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Prime Minister Carl Bildt, is a Senior International Advisor of Akin Gump Global Solutions, a data-capture company, and both a SIA and Board Member of Booz Allen Hamilton Holdings, Snowden’s former employer. But these remarkable facts have escaped Bildt’s Wikipedia entry, where he is to be seen in a 2006 photo with Condoleeza Rice, who is also a Board Member of both companies. Spooky enough?


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