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Clearly, things are not going the way the Planners of the New World Order have hoped.

The US Gun Grab has FAILED – despite numerous False Flags from Batman to Boston to Sandy Hook…

Benghazi didn’t go as planned either. And the US funded Al Qaeda in Syria is having so many problems with Assad – they actually had to call in Israel for Air Support.

And now, Turkey has shown its hand.

Above all else, the Paper Gold and Silver Market is falling apart, with the Hong Kong Exchange closing on Monday – settling in Fiat Currency.

Amidst all this, Biden is still FORCED to spit out NWO propaganda. And it is evident that even he can see the end of the road of the Illuminati.

Biden NWO

For a more detailed account of what the Elite gods of the NWO are doing (or, rather screwing up at) – here is Pastor Lindsey Williams…

Lindsey Williams DVD

From Cyprus to Canada – all fiat is on the chopping block of History.

My guess is that after Paper Gold and Paper Silver are taken down (on its way now) – Derivatives will go down the toilet. That would blow out the Pension Funds which then would require Governments stealing bank accounts to keep the game going. Then comes the Great Stock Market selloff. And finally, a massive hyperinflation will result when a Tsunami of Cash comes pouring into a stagnant economy.

No more Quantitative Easing will come – or, will be required.

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