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Is it possible to CREATE an Earthquake?

You bet.

Was it used to generate the recent 8.9 Earthquake in Japan on March 11th, 2011?

Very possibly.

You see, the Japanese Finance Ministry was threatened with an “Earthquake device” – if they didn’t play ball – with the financial powers that-be. I guess, someone didn’t listen.

So, how come in the media even so much as mentions the capabilities of earthquake devices – like, HAARP?

Well, you figure out the answer to that question….

Of course, it could have just been the “Super Moon” coupled with a Solar Mass Ejection – hitting Antarctica….

Important Update from the White Dragon Society

Nuclear bombs work just as well – if placed in the right location…

See Update

Mt. Fuji Microwaved


  1. Many people like to refer to truths such as this as “the inside scoop” or “underground knowledge”. The naked truth is only hidden when one turns a blind eye to it. We can explain the truth about this world’s “natural disasters” until we are blue in the face because most people are followers who’d rather believe a lie than the truth any day. Koodos to you. Keep telling it like it really is.


    • Thanks – let’s hope the Truth becomes more “Above” Ground – in time.
      That’s our ONLY hope, really – as a species đŸ˜‰


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