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Terrorists – REAL Terrorists – generally target the innocent and helpless.

Soft targets – they are called. And that’s what sets the supposed 9/11 “Terrorist Attack” apart from that which took part in Beslan, six years ago. Russia – unlike the United States – has REAL terrorists to deal with. And so does, most of the Middle East and East Asia.

I’ve always wondered why Putin – after being the FIRST to offer Bush his assistance after 9/11 – was also the FIRST to oppose the “War on Terror.” After all, it would have been to Russia’s advantage, right? But somewhere along the way, long before anyone knew or, even considered something amiss – I’m sure his intelligence agency gave him the correct analysis of the situation.

The French took longer to realize the full extent of the deception. The Japanese, even longer – having been such a close ally of the U.S. and not having much experience with real terrorism to tell the difference. I’m sure that China picked up on it much earlier than anyone else realized. China has had its own share of terror-inducing acts on its own home ground.

Eventually, it will just be a matter of time before the WHOLE WORLD begins to realize that the LARGEST and BEST FUNDED terrorist organization on the planet – exists not in the Middle East…

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