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My own personal awakening happened around the age of 15, when I first read Dune – a novel by Frank Herbert. Since that time I have always been aware – that there was an Order – beyond the order we were being taught existed. But it was a hard thing to remember when there were no social cues available – no reinforcing data.

And when you are in an institution – like school or University – your focus narrows by necessity.

But when you look at your own history – and experiences – from a distance, you instantly see a pattern. Not a natural one, but one that very clearly designed by the deviant Human Mind. Fear, hate and the need for self-preservation are simply the basic tools with which they lead you on – to your own distruction.

Diversity is the enemy of Tyranny…
It is impossible to rule if you have no uniformity. And uniformity, is central to all forms of government. A uniform belief-system (i.e. religion), a uniform culture (i.e. T.V.) and a uniform function (i.e. job)


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