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Why does the Government lie to you?

Well, people lie for many reasons. And there are many types of lies. For example:

1. White Lies – lies which people tell others, so as not to offend them, or to get into their favour.

2. Fear Lies – those lies people tell to avoid trouble (mostly for themselves)

3. Tortured Lies – lies which you tell during torture, generally to avoid further punishment and pain

4. Religious Lies – lies which people tell, simply because they choose to believe dogma – without question.

5. Political Lies – these generally are told, by those in power – to get you to do – what they want you to do.

Human beings have come to accept “political lies” because they have come to believe that – even if a politician is lying to them – there must be a GOOD reason behind it. That’s making the grand and stupid assumption – that the politicians are good, benign, father-like figures who want only the best – for the people they lord over!

And what a LIE that is!

Watch the video below – and see how bold-faced some people can be, when they lie. Some people even fool themselves with their own lies… which brings me to the last and most dangerous lie of ALL:

6. Self-Delusion – lying to yourself, without knowing that – you are lying to yourself…


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